Basic Class

The very first basic Korean class

Course : 1 part/ 1 week(total 5 part)
Tuition fee : $10 per lesson
Type : Online class (Zoom)
Maximum number of students : 10
Minimum number of students : 5

[Curriculum of Basic Korean class]     
Part 1 : Single Vowels, Single Consonants  
Part 2 : Double vowels1, Aspirated consonants
Part 3 : Double vowels2, Tense consonants  
Part 4 : Final consonants          
Part 5 : Double Final Consonants, linking sound

Current Class
Every Monday 9:00 AM, starting from May 1st, 2023 (Korean Standard time)

Upcoming Class
Every Thursday 8:00 AM, starting from May 25th, 2023 (Korean Standard time)
Every Wednesday 8:00 PM, starting from May 31th, 2023 (Korean Standard time)

A fun and interactive Korean class
with teacher Songi.

✔I send you the textbook by e-mail 12 hours before class.

✔Learners must have your camera on.
✔Learners must attend classes on time.
✔Enjoy learning Korean!

Cancellation regulations
✔You can cancel it up to 12 hours before class.
If the minimum number of students is not enough, the class will be canceled or delayed by a week.