Pattern Practice

Koran Conversation Pattern Practice Class

Target level : Beginner
Course : 1 part/ 1 week(total 12 part)
Tuition fee : $8 per lesson
Type : Online class (Zoom)
Maximum number of students : 10
Minimum number of students : 5

[Curriculum of Korean Conversation Pattern class]
Part 1 : Introducing family(이 사람은 우리 오빠예요.)
Part 2 : Talking about hobbies(제 취미는 그림 그리기예요.)
Part 3 : Ordering food(삼계탕 하나 주세요.)
Part 4 : Talking about symptoms(머리가 아파요.)
Part 5 : Asking for permission(이거 신어 봐도 돼요?)
Part 6 : Asking for direction(사거리에서 오른쪽으로 가세요.)
Part 7 : Making a phone call(여보세요, 거기 병원이지요?)
Part 8 : Making the past tense(놀이공원에 갔어요.)
Part 9 : Making suggestions&refusing(같이 노래방에 갈래요?)
Part 10 : Making a guesses (비가 올 것 같아요.)

Part 11 : Talking about periods(한국에 온 지 3주일 됐어요.)
Part 12 : Talking about what you like(여행하는 거 좋아해요?)

Current Class
Every Wednesday 10:00 AM, starting from January 25th, 2023 (Korean Standard time)

Upcoming Class

✔Textbook is not provided. Please prepare a notebook and a pencil.

✔Learners must have your camera on.
✔Learners must attend classes on time.
✔Enjoy learning Korean!

Cancellation regulations
✔You can cancel it up to 12 hours before class.
✔If the minimum number of students is not enough, the class will be canceled or delayed by a week.